Republic Day is celebrated on 26th January every year and is one of the most important national festivals of India. Since the day is around the corner and considering the significance of this day, Welcome Speeches for the Republic Day have been prepared in order to help you write or give impressive speeches for the occasion. So what are you waiting for? Read on through the pages and grasp the knowledge.


Warm Greetings and a very warm welcome to all of you with special mention to our Hon’ble principal, vice-principal, and teachers.

I, Anshika Pandey from Class – XII (A), would like to extend my regards and express my gratitude towards my teachers, for giving me the opportunity to felicitate everyone and host this auspicious occasion of Republic Day. We have gathered today, as you all know, to celebrate the 70th Republic Day which is celebrated nationwide, by the President of India to small children in pre-nursery schools, those who host our Tiranga Jhanda with a lot of excitement.

I need not to say more about this day because we as Indians have been celebrating this day ever since we grew up. But I don’t know how many of you know that this day is marked by a 3-day celebration in the capital city of New Delhi, whereas each of the states also celebrates this day with a lot of excitement and zeal.

The principal event of this 3-day celebration is undoubtedly the parade which is organized at Rajpath, in the present Indian President and a guest of honor. In fact, several other states have also begun to organize such parades in order to mark this momentous day.

The celebration kick starts with the Prime Minister who pay floral wreath at the Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate, in order to pay tribute to the soldiers who sacrifice their lives for the motherland. Once the garland of a flower is laid, it is followed by 21 gun salute with the national anthem being sung thereafter. Honor awards are then given away to some specific members of the armed forces or to their relatives and the general population for their acts of bravery and courage. Once this is complete, the parade starts.

Needless to say that a parade is a grand event; in which the head of the state from a foreign country is always invited to watch the parade with the political leaders of our country. The parade showcases India’s military might as well as its vivid cultural heritage.

When the parade starts those who are felicitated with awards are honored by the president for their service to the motherland. There is a helicopter brigade who during the same time hovers at the India Gate and showers the gathering with rose petals. The sight of the parade looks spectacular as various dance troupes sing as well as performance while at the same time fighter planes fly overhead releasing the three colors of our Tiranga in the form of smoke trails behind them. The parade always concludes with the military members performing exciting stunts on the motorbikes.

In other words, there is a lot of preparation that goes behind the Republic Day Celebration and this throws light on the importance of this day. Now without further ado, let’s kick start the republic day celebration by calling on stage the first dance group from VII Standard.

Let’s welcome them with a huge round of applause!


Respected Principal, Beloved Teachers and My Dear Students- Warm Greetings to Everyone!

As you all know that we have been gathered here on the very special occasion of the Republic Day of India. Being the Vice Principal of this school, I take the opportunity to deliver a welcome speech on Republic Day.

You as students might be wondering why we celebrate this day with pomp and show. This is done as India got independence from Britishers on 15 August 1947. This day is celebrated as Independence Day, while the Constitution of our country was enforced on 26 January 1950 which we all celebrate as the Republic Day every year. The constitution of our country is a document that is considered to be supreme in every respect. Every article is well-drafted by the constituent assembly of our country.

The term Republic means the supreme power of the people living in the country and only the public has the right to elect their representatives as political leaders to lead the country progressively. So, India is a “Republic” where people elect its leaders as President, Prime minister, etc. Our Great Indian freedom fighters have struggled a lot for the “Purna Swaraj” in India. They did this, so that the future generations may live without struggle and take the country forward on the road to development and growth.

The great freedom fighters of our country fought continuously against the British rule to make India a free country. You all should remember their sacrifices towards our country and pay due respect and homage. We should also remember them on such great occasions and salute them. All this has been possible just because of them as now we can think and live freely without any coercive governance in our nation.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of our country has rightly said that “This entire country has been brought together under the jurisdiction of one constitution and one union which takes over responsibility for the welfare of millions of people which inhabit it”. It brings disgrace to our country and leaders when we are still fighting with crime, corruption, and violence. The need of the hour is to get together to save our country from such slavery as it is pulling our nation back from moving towards main stream development and progress. We all should be aware of social issues prevalent in our country like poverty, unemployment which stops us from going ahead.

We as teachers play a very important role in your lives and if we want to make our country corruption free, then we all should join hands and carry out possible efforts to lead our nation ahead. Small steps lead to huge differences. Every individual should make an effort and then our country would be a different place altogether. Today on this auspicious occasion we all need to take a pledge for solving such problems in the society to make our country the best country in the world.

Thank You!


Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Professors, and My Dear Friends – Good Morning to one and all!

I, Sakshi Kalra from B.COM (H) program, welcome you all to the Republic Day Function of our college. It’s a very special occasion for all of us, as on this day the constitution of our country was adopted in the year 1950. On this day, the Government of India Act, 1935 was replaced by the Constitution of India.

Needless to say, we have our national holiday on the 26th of January where every Indian enjoys a day of complete freedom. The Constitution of India was adopted by the constituent assembly of India on 26th January 1950. The date 26th January was chosen because back in 1930, the Indian National Congress proclaimed “Purna Swaraj” on 26th January.

How many of you know about who will be the chief guest on the 70th Republic Day of India, 2019. Well, those of you who don’t know, it is going to be Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa. He is the fifth as well as the present South African President. Cyril Ramaphosa was invited by Shri Narendra Modi Ji, our Prime Minister at the time of the G20 summit which was conducted in Buenos Aires – the capital of Argentina in Nov-Dec 2018.

The reason why he is chosen for this momentous day is that our country is celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of Bapu, i.e. Mahatma Gandhi who was very closely connected with the natives of South Africa. Moreover, according to PM Narendra Modi, his visit to our country will help in establishing a stronger connection with South Africa.

Other than celebrating the national glory and reveling in the achievements of our motherland, we should also take a pledge to uproot the social evils from our society which is hindering in the way of our country’s progress. Corruption, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, etc. are the social evils that are not letting our country attain an overall development. After all, how can a nation prosper when the majority of its population is suffering from unemployment, poverty, and lack of opportunities?

Every year we hear the messages of patriotism, brotherhood, unity, and integrity, but how many of us really bother to keep our country united irrespective of our caste, class, race and religious differences? In the act of pursuing our selfish interests, we should never forget the sacrifices of our great freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the motherland and our soldiers who fight on borders just to secure us and our country from any sort of terrorist attack.

So while rejoicing in the glory of our country and its accomplishments, we should try and bring a positive change in ourselves by bringing purity in our thoughts, love, and warmth in our hearts as well as sensibility towards others.  Only then will we become a better nation and a better place to live in.

The celebration thereafter will be a real celebration and this is the only way to pay actual homage to our freedom fighters.

Jai Hind!


Hello Everyone – Warm Welcome to the Republic Day Celebration in our office auditorium!

I, Sonakshi Kalra from ABC Group, feel extremely delighted to host this event on such an auspicious day. Needless to say, this is a very important date for all of us as on this day, i.e. 26th January 1950 the Constitution of India was adopted. For every nation, there are some specific days which are marked as red-letter days. For us as Indians, the Republic Day has been marked as one such day which is celebrated nationwide with great zeal. Why this day is important is because with this day our country became a republic nation. Therefore, this day holds a lot of importance in our lives as Indians and why we look so forward to it every year.

Let’s trace the origin of the Republic Day! It goes back to the pre-independent times of 1929 during which the Indian National Congress Party at the time of its session in Lahore passed a resolution under the aegis of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru – then President of the Indian National Congress. The resolution was the declaration of the ‘Complete Independence’ and celebrating this day as the Independence Day across the country.

However, later on, when the Constitution of India came into force in the year 1950 on 26th January, India was declared as a sovereign, republic and democratic nation. Since then, the day has been historicized as Republic Day of our country.

The ceremony kick starts in the morning itself where the wreath is laid down at the Amar Jawan Jyothi by the Prime Minister at the India Gate. It is a way of paying homage to our martyrs or great freedom fighters who have sacrificed their lives for their motherland. At sharp 8 am, our president arrives at the Rajpath accompanied by the Chief Guest. They are given a warm welcome by our Hon’ble Prime Minister, including the Defence Minister.

After arriving at the specially designed podium, our president hoists the national flag. Soon after this, the Republic Day parade begins which I am sure all of us eagerly await. The march, as we all know, is led by war heroes, the armed forces, who are honored with the gallantry award. They are then followed by young girls and boys who have bagged National Bravery Award in that respective year.

As the sun sets, the Raisina Hill where the Rashtrapathi Bhavan is situated is decked up with lights thereby presenting a spectacular glittering view. The celebration lasts for 3 days and is brought to a close on the evening of 28th January with a ceremony called the ‘Beating the Retreat Ceremony’. This ceremony is indeed very impressive as it is organized by our armed forces. Other than this, Republic Day celebrations are organized in a grand manner in district headquarters, state capitals, Panchayats as well as Blocks which are attended by the local public.

To sum up, Republic Day is considered a great historical day the importance of which cannot be undermined in any manner. So let’s come together and make this day joyous; full of rapture and excitement.

Thank You!

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