Questions on cell Biology for Competition Exam

Cell questions and answers for Railway NTPC & Group D Exam SSC, PSC, UPSC Exam: In all the competitive exam GK Quiz, questions related to Science and cell biology are definitely asked. on this page we shared cell biology multiple choice questions to help Aspirants.

Questions on cell Biology

Cell biology questions and answers multiple choice

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Question: In the cell Which function will not be performed in the absence of ribosomes?

(a) respiration
(b) emission
(c) Protein synthesis
(d) Carbohydrate synthesis

Answer: (c) Protein synthesis

Question: Which biologist first gave the name Cell?

(A) Fleming
(C) Robert Hooke
(B) Leuvenhawk
(D) Brown

Answer: (C) Robert Hooke

Question: Which composition differentiates the animal cell from the plant cell?
(A) Ribosome
(C) Centromier
(B) mitochondria
(D) Centriole


Question: What is the powerhouse of a cell called?
(A) Golgotica
(C) mitochondria
(B) nucleolus
(D) Ribosome

Answer: (C) mitochondria

Question: Where does protein synthesis occur in the cell?
(A) Golgotica
(C) Mitochondria
(B) Ribosome
(D) Centrosome

Answer: (B) Ribosome

Question: Which of the following is the largest cell organelle in the cell?
(A) chromosome
(B) mitochondria
(D) Golgiocaya
(C) Plastid

Answer: (C) Plastid

Question: The outermost covering of plant cells is called
(A) cell membrane
(C) Tonoplast
(B) Cell wall
(D) endoplasmic reticulum

Answer: (B) Cell wall

Question: Who Discovered endoplasmic lattice
(A) Sutton
(B) Porter
(C) Watson
(D) Roberts

Answer: (B) Porter

Question: Discovered electron microscope –
(A) Naul and Raska
(C) Fleming and Brown
(B) Schleiden and Schwann
(D) Watson and Crick

Answer: (A) Naul and Raska

Question: In which is the actual nucleus absent?
(A) bacteria
(B) Green algae
(D) Lichens
(C) fungi

Answer: (A) bacteria

Question: The highest number of (2n) chromosomes are found in

(A) Sugarcane
(C) In humans
(B) Potatoes
(D) in Ophioglossum

Answer: Ophioglossum

Cell biology questions

Question: The physical basis of life is-
(A) nucleus
(C) Food
(B) Protoplasm
(D) cell

Answer: (B) Protoplasm

Question: The smallest cell in the following is

(A) Mycoplasma
(B) Amoeba
(C) White blood corpuscles
(D) Red blood corpuscle

Answer: (A) Mycoplasma

Question: Leucoplast is mainly found in-
(A) roots cells
(B) Stem cells
{C) in the cells of leaves
(D) Flower cells

Answer: (A) roots cells

Question: Provides a variety of attractive colors to flowers and seeds-

(A) leucoplast
(B) Chromoplast
(C) Chloroplast
(D) Tonoplast

Answer: (B) Chromoplast

Question: gives green color to the leaves-
(A) Chromoplast
(C) leucoplast
(B) chloroplast
(D) Tonoplast

Answer: (B) chloroplast

Question: Due to the presence of which the difference between a plant cell and an animal cell is found?

(A) chloroplast
(C) Cell art
(B) Cell wall
(D) nucleus

Answer: (B) Cell wall

Question: Which of the following cells possess DNA?

(A) Central
(C) Lysosome
(B) Golgiocaya
(D) mitochondria

Answer: (D) mitochondria

Question: The cell wall is-

(A) permeable
(B) Semi-passable
(C) selective permeation
(D) Inaccessible

Answer: (A) permeable

Question: The inner fold of mitochondria is called-
(A) Christie
(B) Oxisomes
(C) Matrix
(D) Microsomes

Answer: (A) Christie

Question: Mitochondria are absent in which of the following?
(A) Yeast
(C) Bacteria
(B) Fungi
(D) Green algae

Answer: (C) Bacteria

Question: Who first used the word Protoplasm?
(A) Darwin
(B) Purkinje
(C) John Ray
(D) Hutchison

Answer: (B) Purkinje

Question: Whose statement is ‘physical matter of life’?

(A) Henry
(B) Lamarck
(C) Huxley
(D) Treviranus

Answer: (C) Huxley

Question: Model of DNA helix presented –

(A) Naul and Raska
(B) Watson and Crick
(C) Khurana
(D) Priestley

Answer: (B) Watson and Crick

Question: Functional activities of the cell are controlled by-
(A) by center
(B) by mitochondria
(C) By organisms
(D) by nucleus

Answer: (D) by nucleus

Question:The term chromosome is given by

(A) Hoffmeister
(B) Waldair
(C) Sutton
(D) Bagner

Answer: (B) Waldair

Question: Is known as suicide bags of the cell?
(a) Lysosome
(b) ribosome
(c) Nucleos
(d) Goljikaya

Answer: a) Lysosome

Question: Provides green color to leaves?
(a) Chromoplast
(b) chloroplast
(c) leukoplast
(d) Tonoplast

Answer: chloroplast

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