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On this page FresherCloud.com Team are sharing Multiple choice Questions and answers related to General knowledge questions with answers 2021. Here our team providing Gk Question and answers which asked in the Various competitive exams. You will get Here Indian General knowledge questions with answers 2022 for all other competitive exams like Bank, Railway Exam, Police, SSC CGL and CHSL, UPSC, IAS, SBI PO, Questions are asked for Clerk, IBPS, etc

In which state is the Nohkali waterfall ?

  1. Kerala

2. Assam

3. Manipur

.4. Meghalaya

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]Meghalaya [/su_spoiler]

Gangtok is the capital of

1. Sikkim

2. Nagaland

3. Meghalaya

4. Arunachal Pradesh

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]Sikkim [/su_spoiler]

Which of these discriminatory taxes did Emperor Akbar abolish in 1564 ?

1. Zakat

2. Kharaj

3. Jiziyah

4. None of these

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]Jiziyah[/su_spoiler]

Among the currently operational Indian satellites, there is no

1. Jupiter orbiter satellite

2. Navigation satellite

3. Earth observation satellite

4. Communication satellite

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]Hidden content[/su_spoiler]

Which one of the following services of India Post has permanently been discontinued?

1. Inland Letter

2. Postal Life Insurance

3. Telegram

4. Speed post

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]Telegram / तार[/su_spoiler]

Which one of the following Articles/Schedules in the Constitution of India deals with Autonomous District Councils ?

1. Sixth Schedule

2. Article 370

3. Article 250

4. Eight Schedule

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]Sixth Schedule[/su_spoiler]

Indian Railways has given a contract to Bansal Group to manage which railway station in Madhya


1. Habibganj

2. Nepanagar

3. Ratlam

4. Satna

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]Habibganj[/su_spoiler]

How many states does India have?

1. 28

2. 19

3. 25

4. 27

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”] 28 j[/su_spoiler]

Lakshadweep is in the

1. Bay of Bengal

2. Pacific Ocean

3. Indian Ocean

4. Arabian Sea

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]Arabian Sea[/su_spoiler]

Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas and Sutlej are tributaries of

1. Cauvery

2. Narmada

3. Brahmaputra

4. Indus

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]Indus[/su_spoiler]

Tapti river flows into the

1. Bay of Bengal

2. Gulf of Mannar

3. Gulf of Khambhat

4. Indian Ocean

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]Gulf of Khambhat [/su_spoiler]

The first battle of Panipat in 1526 was fought between Babar and

1. Rana Sanga

2. Hemu

3. Daulat Khan Lodi

4. Ibrahim Lodi

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]Ibrahim Lodi[/su_spoiler]

‘Korba Thermal Plant’ is located in:

1. Gujarat

2. Uttar Pradesh

3. Chhattisgarh

4. Madhya Pradesh

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]Chhattisgarh[/su_spoiler]

Which of the following is NOT a capital of any State in India?

1. Allahabad

2. Ranchi

3. Raipur

4. Dehradun

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]Allahabad[/su_spoiler]

Kundhei, Gombeyatta, and Bommalattam are forms of which of the following arts?

1. Folk Dance

2. Folk Theatre

3. Folk Stories

4. Puppeteering

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]Puppeteering[/su_spoiler]

India’s largest museum is located at

1. Kolkata

2. Chennai

3. Bengaluru

4. Delhi

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]Kolkata [/su_spoiler]

Which major river flows between the Vindhya and the Satpura Mountain ranges?

1. Narmada

2. Ken

3. Tapi

4. Sons

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]Narmada[/su_spoiler]

Kakrapar Atomic Power Station is located in____

1. Tamil Nadu

2. Gujarat

3. Madhya Pradesh

4. Utarakhand

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]Gujarat [/su_spoiler]

Which is the oldest museum in India?

1. Victoria Memorial

2. National Museum

3. Indian Museum

4. National Rail Museum

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]Indian Museum [/su_spoiler]

Which is the capital of Tripura?

1. Imphal

2. Dibrugarh

3. Agartala

4. Kohima

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]Agartala [/su_spoiler]

The Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces in India is

1. Chief of Defence Staff

2. The Prime Minster

3. The President

4. The Defence Minister

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]The President [/su_spoiler]

Who among the following presided over the historic Lahore session of INC ? /

1. Jawaharlal Nehru

2. Motilal Nehru

3. Gandhiji

4. Mohammed Ali Jinnah

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]Jawaharlal Nehru [/su_spoiler]

In which state of India would you come across the hill stations of Ooty and Kodaikanal?

1. Tamil Nadu

2. Karnataka

3. Kerala

4. Maharashtra

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]Tamil Nadu [/su_spoiler]

Who is the Chief Minister of Gujarat?

1. Nitin Patel

2. Amit Shah

3. Anandiben Patel

4. Vijay Rupani

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]Vijay Rupani [/su_spoiler]

Gautama Buddha was born in:

1. Gaya

2. Lumbini

3. Kapilvastu

4. Sarnath

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]Lumbini [/su_spoiler]

Which of the following Articles deal with amendment to Constitution of India?

1. 356

2. 370

3. 368

4. 372

Correct Answer :-


[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]Kolkata [/su_spoiler]

Which is Indian Navy’s only aircraft carrier active in service?

1. INS Kolkata

2. INS Vikrant

3. INS Vikramaditya

4. INS Viraat

[su_spoiler title=”INS Vikramaditya”]Kolkata [/su_spoiler]

The place of origin of Narmada river is?

1. Amarkantak

2. Shahdol

3. Bhedaghat

4. Khajuraho

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]Amarkantak [/su_spoiler]

When did India win its first cricket world cup?

1. 1983

2. 1984

3. 1982

4. 1981

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]1983 [/su_spoiler]

Zakir Hussain is the son of which famous Tabla player?

1. Amjad Ali Khan

2. Ahmad Jamal

3. Alla Rakha

4. Ali Shaheed Mohammad

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]Alla Rakha [/su_spoiler]

Where are the Udayagiri and Khandagiri caves located?

1. Karnataka

2. Odisha

3. Maharashtra

4. Madhya Pradesh

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]1983 [/su_spoiler]

Jabalpur is an important town, which falls under the____ Region.

1. Bundelkhand

2. Mahakaushal

3. Malwa

4. Chota Nagpur

[su_spoiler title=”Answer”]Mahakaushal / महाकौशल [/su_spoiler]

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